Smart Roof

CwC partnered with Polypipe for the development of the Polypipe Smart Roof 2.1, a new, ‘intelligent’ roof-top system, combining water management while also increasing the biodiversity of the area with its mix of flora, subsequent fauna – and even a bee-hive.

With water central to the health of a green roof, the ‘blue’ technology aspect of the system features on-site ‘firmware’ such as a ‘tipping bucket’ rain gauge to automatically monitor rainfall, alongside remote valve operation technologies, moisture content sensors and self-calibrating heat-flux sensors to measure the rate of heat transfer through the soil. This manages water levels to provide optimum soil moisture, temperature and salinity conditions.

Controlled remotely online, this Cloud Water Control System set-up, creates the ideal conditions for plant life while maximising water usage efficiency, allowing the roof’s sedum vegetation to flourish and in turn, create valuable habitat – often scarce in an urban environment – for insects and other wildlife.

Sensors within the green roof construction monitor available water levels. If a predetermined ‘low soil moisture level’ is reached, the system will remotely open a solenoid valve to add water from a rainwater recovery tank, until the correct moisture level is achieved. The system also monitors and controls a back-up water supply to ensure there is always sufficient water available for irrigation.


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